Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why I decided to Cut My Hair

I cut my hair in December 2010. My hair was really long when I cut it. In South Africa, December is the start of summer.

I did not have it cut really short. In case I missed my long hair I had it cut to shoulder length.

Before and after my haircut

Besides a shorter hairstyle making it possible for me to feel a bit cooler in the summer, there are other reasons why I cut my hair:

I had not even trimmed the ends of my hair in nearly four years, and the ends were looking messy.

I’m trying to fit in some training to run in a 16 km race (about 10 miles) and long hair even in a ponytail gets in the way, and when I’m so unfit, I feel that long hair even weighs me down a bit!

I’m working from home, still building my little business and the work takes up a lot of my time; there’s not much time for taking great care of long hair, and sometimes I’d even have knots to deal with that irritated me when I needed to rather spend time working.

I don’t use a hair dryer to dry my hair, preferring it to dry naturally, and long hair takes a lot longer to dry than short hair.

My hair grows quickly, so if I did miss it, which I don’t, it wouldn’t be too long before it grew long again.

Before, when I’ve cut my hair, people told me that the shorter cut makes me look younger, so now, as I’m feeling old and worn before my time while trying to work so hard at my little home business, I thought it would be great to look a bit younger, and that maybe it would make me feel younger too.

There were hardly any reasons not to cut my hair, and I’m really glad I did have it cut.

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