Thursday, June 24, 2010

Even I jumped down the sand dune at Igoda yesterday

Well, I guess it's not such a big thing, after all, I'm still only 41, but I guess I've just been in our little home office a lot, and have not been getting out much, and so I felt like it was almost "a big thing" I also jumped down the sand dune during our little outing to Igoda, near East London late yesterday afternoon.  Tony is 50 though, and also jumped.  I really need to get fit again!  The boys were jumping down the sand dunes, and running down the sand dunes, like little monkeys, and the boys and I also tried out a homemade sandboard, but it didn't work. I tried a bit of everything, and got tired quite easily, but it was fun!

Here's two photos of me, trying (Basti, my 12 year old son, is in both photos too):

Follow the other three links further above to see more photos of Igoda, and of both Basti and Zooty.  Also follow this link which has a photo of Tony, Basti and Zooty at Igoda.
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My 3 boys

Tony, the boys and I took a drive out to Igoda beach yesterday afternoon. Basti and Zooty and I took our cameras with and enjoyed taking some pictures at Igoda, and while I was driving back home afterwards, the boys continued to take some pictures out the car windows.

At Igoda, we didn't have much luck with a homemade sandboard, and the boys took to jumping off a sand dune instead. Next time we'll try and get to Igoda earlier so that we don't end up spending less than an hour there, like we did yesterday, and having to leave before dark.

In the three photos taken at Igoda yesterday, Zooty (11) enjoys being covered in sand, Basti (12) pulls a face as he tries to get the sand out of his pants, and in the third photo, Zooty, Tony (50), Basti and our dog Gilly start leaving the beach.

also see
Zooty's Igoda story and photos

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ouch, I don't know what I've done to my lower back and hip area!

I've had this lower back and right hip area pain before, and luckily it just went away on it's own.  This time, though, not even hanging on a door to relieve the pain is working!  Last night was awful - I feel like I've hardly slept.  No position was comfortable, and every time I turned to try a new position I was in agony!  Ouch!

I think the hanging on the door thing might not be helping as much as it usually does because the pain is not in the middle of my back - I can't see myself hanging by one arm and one foot to let the proper area of my side lower back and one hip benefit from the hanging!

I'm sitting at the pc now, with a pillow behind my lower back to help relieve the pain somewhat, and I've taken two Inza (anti inflammatory tablets), and when Tony gets back from walking to the shops about a km and a half away (to check at an atm if one of our clients has paid as we're broke again! (or still)) , I'll have him rub some comfrey cream on the sore area for me, but not sure it's going to help much, or if it does, not quickly enough!  I just wish it would quickly come right on it's own like before.  Must be a pinched nerve or something.  I even had a dream about it last night - when I did sleep.

I don't have medical aid, or money to spend on going to doctors and chiropractors!  Hm, my most comfortable position is standing up.  I wonder if I can sleep standing up?  Was also thinking of taking the boys to a movie if this client has paid (and they'll just have to wait longer before I pay them back the other money I owe them), but then what?  I don't fancy standing at the back of the movie to watch it!  Maybe another Inza before the movie might help somewhat...

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on tv 3 tonight

I loved the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I was a kid. I loved how Charlie savoured every tiny little piece of chocolate he ate.

I was just as thrilled as Charlie when he won a trip to visit Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory and loved every minute of Charlie's journey through Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

Well, it's a real sin, then, that I haven't seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka. My boys have seen the movie at a friend or cousin's house, and will be watching it again tonight on tv 3, in their room, all tucked up in bed for the night, and directly after I give them some more medicine for their bad chests and coughs.

While the boys are watching it, Tony and I need to pop out for a bit, but, inbetween, and even though Tony and I "don't watch tv", I might catch a glimpse or two of Charlie, Willie Wonka, chocolate, and the Chocolate Factory - if not, I think it's really time I at least got the dvd out!

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We don't watch tv

There are three tvs in the house we live in at my folks, but we don't watch tv. We might catch a glimpse of what's on the tv in the lounge on our way out or coming back from the shops, going to see a client, or taking or fetching the boys to or from school, but, generally, we don't watch tv. My folks have a tv in their room too, and even the boys have one in their room, on loan from my brother.

The boys often watch tv in my folks' bedroom with them in the evenings, but it's not appropriate when it's almost bedtime, or if they're ill, like now. Their tv has only tv 1, tv 2, and tv 3 channels, and e-tv, though, so, from time to time, I'll check on the Internet what's showing on those channels (especially when they're ill and I'd rather have them tucked up in bed than sitting at the pc playing computer games in our bedroom, even if it's not yet evening), although of course they prefer dstv on Grandpa's tvs.

Tony and I don't really miss tv - we can keep up to date with news on the Internet, brief entertainment on YouTube, and if we feel like a real "sit down" we'll rent a dvd and watch in in the office on one of the computers here. Our little home office is really tiny, but if we take two steps back from our chairs at the pcs (next to each other on the same table), we can flop back into lazy boys there, and enjoy a movie. There's basically no space for anything else in the office, but it's fine, we don't need a lot of space to work on the pcs.

We're quite happy that we don't watch tv; we don't want to get sucked into soapies or a series, that takes time away from our work, or writing blog posts.

The boys are sounding a little rowdy on their pc, and I better see if there's something on their tv channels soon, or else I should maybe go and get them a dvd. I don't want them coughing all night and need to keep them calm.

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I wish the boys would stop coughing now

The boys are on their pc in the next room (our bedroom), and even though the door leading to it from the garage and our office area is closed, their coughing is still very audible.  I feel so sorry for their chests and them, and wish all the mooty would now work, or wish time would heal or whatever it is that must happen to stop their coughing must just happen or work now.

My chest is feeling somewhat better, although still coughing from time to time, and nose still blocking up or running (it can't make up it's mind.)

The first week of the school holidays is basically over, and let's hope the rest of it (just over 3 weeks left) can be enjoyed by two healthy and happy boys.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Have to move all my photos to the left

I'm really happy with this new Blogger theme template I've chosen for this blog, only thing is it's not perfect for the photos already uploaded in previous posts. 

I uploaded my photos all centred, but there's a white area that appears behind the photos now that seems to only go left, well, mostly anyway.  So, instead of trying to find another template I'm happy with (well, I did for a bit, but I like this one I've got at the moment for now), I'd rather re-align all my photos to the left too.

I've done some (working backwards), but still have a few to do.

I will have to do a whole lot more on my other Blogger blog East London Photographs and Wild Ramblings, as basically every post there has a photo or two, so, hm, maybe I'll see if there isn't rather another template that suits that blog better.

Just thinking out loud here.  Don't mind me.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Desperate times call for desperate measures FREE 3 PAGE WEB DESIGN

We're offering to design 3 pages for static html websites FOR FREE. It's a little crazy, yeah, as the only condition is that you host the site with us too, and register the domain through us too, and we make very little profit on this, but work is so ridiculously quiet right now, we're pretty desperate!

The value is R600, plus the R120 we usually charge to upload the site is thrown in for free too, so you save R720, and get a 3 page website designed, including basic SEO, meta tagging, and alt tagging, just like for our usual paying website design clients.

We go into more detail about this special offer, which ends at 5pm Saturday 26 June (or before) on our 1pic4twenty blog.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totally thrilled with my new Blogger template and all the other theme options too

Just love the new free templates for Blogger bloggers! Settled on one, but was tempted to change it after just two days, when the boys were going through the various background images for the new templates for their own blogs Lava Reflections and Screeching Falcon.

Zooty's blog Screeching Falcon was one of the top five risers in the blogs on myScoop yesterday - they had just left with their father to spend three nights at him, when I saw this, and so I quickly phoned Zooty to tell him the good news - he was lank chuffed of course. I'm just so sorry I didn't send the flash with them, so that they could write some more blog posts while at their dad on their pc there, that I could upload for them when they get back.

Anyway, back to the new templates for Blogger: They're gorgeous, and wider too, nice spacing area for bigger ads in the sidebars too, and any other info one wants to have appear there too, so that all the info that usually appears in a sidebar no longer has the viewer scrolling down forever to see it all. Nice job, Blogger!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Using egg white under feet to lower a high temperature

Yeah, sounds really odd, but mothers get into a panic when their children have a fever and they try anything to help their children. Basti was really ill last night and I was searching the Internet for some answers, help, or tips, and I came across a site called Earth Clinic and a post about a home remedy using egg whites under the feet to reduce a fever quickly.

I did not get to try the fever reducing egg white home remedy, as I'd already tried a whole bunch of other things to bring Basti's high temperature down, and one or some of them must have worked, because when I took his temperature again, it was down. Had it not been down, I would have certainly tried putting sloshy egg whites under his feet. I would have tried just about anything.

The Earth Clinic site does have a disclaimer saying that what they write, or that people comments (who comment on what is written or what others write) should basically not be the end of looking for answers and that a doctor should be the one to be contacted for a completely correct diagnosis and proper treatment, but I was still blown away at how many people were commenting about how the egg white remedy was working or had worked on themselves or on their children, and, in most cases, it seemed to work very quickly.

Mothers (and parents in general) get really desperate when their children are ill. A very high fever can result in fits, and possible brain damage.

I took both boys to the doctor yesterday morning as Basti in particular had a high temperature and sore throat. His face and whole body was hot; his lips were dry.

No infection as such was discovered, and the doctor was reluctant to prescribe antibiotics. When I convinced her to, she said not to use the antibiotics for a day or two to first see how Basti was improving without them, but he got worse and worse and I started using the antibiotics yesterday afternoon.

This is how the evening progressed from 8pm onwards:

8pm temp 39.5

9pm temp 39.8
gave Ponstan

9.15pm temp 39.5

10.45pm temp 39.8

Every 20 to 30 minutes during the above I was giving Basti water to drink and wiping his head, face, neck, throat, ankles and under his arms with a cloth with cold water. And I would leave a folded damp cold cloth on his forehead inbetween, even though it (the cloth) generally warmed up within 5 minutes. made him take a shower (on his own; he's 12 and capable even if feeling miserable) in very lukewarm water, bordering on cold, and change into dry clean clothes. I stood outside the door to listen and shout instructions to make sure he stood under the shower spray for about 3 minutes, even though he was moaning he was so cold.

11.10pm temp 39.5
gave Ponstan syrup, left cool cloth on head, put towel on pillow

11.40pm temp 39.4
gave half a glass of water

00.50am temp 38.3
had Basti change his tshirt as wet with sweat
gave half a glass of water and Ponstan syrup

4.40am temp 37.00
gave half a glass of water, Demezin, and Ponstan syrup;
change tshirt and towel on pillow

9.00am temp 36.7
after breakfast gave antibiotic, a bronchodialor syrup, and a Ponstel tablet

Keeping an eye on Basti and making him stay pretty calm; he's chesty and back in bed now (11am), after having played on the computer for half an hour, and writing a blog post for his own blog about how he felt last night. Will be posting it for him shortly. Update: here's Basti's blog post about his high temperature.

During this bout of illness, Zooty's temperature has not yet gone above 37.7 and let's hope and pray it stays that way.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

So many different chips today when only Simba was just fine for me as a kid

When I started sub a (grade 1) in 1975, in East London, chips had just gone up from 5c a packet to 8c a packet. I think postage stamps cost the same at the time. The small packets of chips were Simba chips and I would buy a packet at breaktime. I'm not sure how many flavours of Simba chips were around at the time, but at the school tuckshop they had only salt and vinegar, tomato sauce (or just tomato?) and smoked beef. Smoked beef was my favourite.

Somewhere down the line, I discovered (or they started making) cheese and onion flavoured Simba chips, and they overtook the smoked beef as my favourite. There were only smooth chips. Then I remember suddenly hearing about and seeing Willards crinkle cut chips in the shops - that was awesome - Willards crinkle cut chips had little bumps in them!

I loved chips. I wouldn't always just crunch away at them, but would sometimes let the chip lay on my tongue awhile, and I would savour the flavour, and let the chip become soggy, before I munched and swallowed.

Lots of tiny bits of broken chips in a packet was not fun for a little kid, as my friends and I would sit at breaktime and compare how big some of our chips were. Some seemed really huge.

A whole larger variety of different flavours of chips crept in later, and fried chicken flavour was also one of my favourite, and what ever happened to that flavour I enjoyed in high school - smoked snoek? That smoked snoek flavour was yummy!

Then there were cheese curls and Nik Naks, and if one was having a braai or party, there had to be chipniks and dips.

oGrady's was another chip I enjoyed - and now they seem to be back again, or maybe they never went away? I used to remember that oGrady's were so thick, and being more thick, seemed to have more spices on them. They were more filling too. The oGrady's chips I buy in the shops now don't seem as thick, but then again nothing seems as big these days as how they seemed when I was still just a kid.

Flings too, I still love, and they're oh so useful and tasty for little toddlers - even if a bit messy, but, wow, so full of flavour. Our dog likes the odd few flings too. :)

Chipstix were also different and tasty.

Pringles were also interesting and very tasty, all stacked neatly and individually on top of each other in a tall container, instead of in a packet. Even though thick oGrady's were tasty, Pringles were thin, but also tasty.

Chips also became no longer just thin or thick, or smooth and crinkled, or puffy like Chipnix, Flings, and Cheese Curls, but new shapes climbed onboard too - like triangle Doritos. My boys often choose Doritos. Doritos has enough different flavours to satisfy most chip fans - or should I say crisp fans - I think somewhere along the line I had a friend or too who came from the UK and I discovered that people in the UK and USA called chips crisps. It made sense as here in South Africa if you told a friend you're buying some chips at the takeaway, they wanted to know if you meant "slap" chips or Simba chips, and since not all packets of chips contained Simba chips, calling chips crisps made a lot of sense (and they ARE crisp, as compared to slap potato chips, cut in strips from a potato and fried or baked and served warm.)

There were also screw shaped chips, ball shaped chips and circle chips.

There were, or are, also chips not made from potatoes, but rather from corn, as in Big Corn Bites, and I still can't decide if I prefer the tomato flavoured ones or the barbeque flavoured ones. Fritos have also always gone down well.

When it comes to cheese flavoured chips, I think hardly anything can beat cheese Nik Naks for loads of flavour.

Melt in the mouth prawn flavoured chips are also one of my latest favourites.

Wow, loads of chips, when all I started with, way back when, was just three flavours of Simba chips!

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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I lost one of Zooty's drawings today and this was a big problem

Zooty likes to draw. Zooty likes anime, sketching, and computer games. I've organized that the the boys have their own blogs now, even though I don't yet allow them Internet on their computer, and I will upload most of their blog posts for them.

Zooty was taking photos of some of his drawings and there was one particular one he'd given me that we couldn't find. Oops, not good. Zooty kept repeating "Mom lost my best drawing, Mom lost my best drawing!"

Tony eventually came to the rescue and located the missing drawing in a box in the garage from the last time we were tidying up the office a bit. So all's well, and Zooty will soon be adding some photos of his drawings to his very own blog, called Screeching Falcon.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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The beautiful rain in East London has washed a lot clean including our signs

Sounds like I'm moaning I guess, and I can't really as the rain is so badly needed in East London, and in the entire Eastern Cape region right now, actually, and it did a great job of washing the car which hasn't had a wash in ages, while out and about yesterday afternoon taking my mom to see my dad's sister who isn't well.

However, our signs we had out on the front wall are just blackboards really, with the writing in chalk, so we'll have to redo them - not that's it's helping much yet, we're still broke as anything this month, so far. It was still raining this morning, and although it cleared up a bit, the sky is looking dark again. I do hope it rains some more, even though it means we can't yet put our signs out. We need this rain so badly, not only to help lift the current water restrictions in the East London area right now, but to fill our dams to the brim, so that the water will last a long time before the next lot of rain.

The rain is also good for the garden, and hopefully it will help perk up some plants we have here in containers, so that we will be able to sell some more. We're trying to sell a few plants again, while waiting for a few more web design clients to hire us for our web design services.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Eish, the boys are missing lots of karate

The boys go to karate lessons in East London twice a week, but we missed taking them three times in a row recently, due to their exams (which hopefully helped as Zooty got 67,3% aggregate, and Basti got 86,5% aggregate.) Basti is trying to keep his high marks up and he did so, and even better by improving on last term's aggregate of 85,1%, and Zooty was trying to improve on his last term's aggregate of 72%. This didn't happen, but it may have been worse if we'd taken time out from learning to fit in three karate lessons.

We try not to miss too many karate classes so that the boys can learn and practice all they can before their next grading session coming up in late July, I think. They will be trying to grade to their brown 2 belt.

The boys did do a karate lesson last week, and were meant to go again earlier this week, but we went to my brother instead, for supper and to celebrate his birthday, thinking we would try not miss any karate lessons for at least the next 4 weeks (8 karate sessions in a row), but now Basti seems a little ill, and we're not going to go tonight either. I'm dosing him up on Viral Guard and vitamin C, keeping him home, and hopefully we'll get to the next karate lesson.

They enjoy their karate lessons, are doing well with it, and have even enjoyed a karate training session on Nahoon Beach.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Isn't the rain in East London just awesome?

Beautiful sound of rain falling on the roof, and on the ground outside. Beautiful rain giving life to the earth, and to us. East London has been pretty dry, and had water restrictions placed on the 1st of May. This rain East London is having today is just awesome. I'm sure all the little seeds, plants, and roots in the ground are singing (and that's what we actually hear, not the rain!) :)

Of course one day of rain (well, it actually only started after midday) is not going to get East London too far, but it's definitely welcome rain, and we all hope and pray we get some more soon.

It's stunning to have rain. I can almost hear the little plants and trees as they stretch up towards the raindrops falling on them. I can even hear the plants laughing with happiness, can you? Their thirst is quenched.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I used to type at school, not compute, savvy?

There were no computer lessons when I was at school, only typing lessons. How things have changed. Imagine how people would miss computers today if they were suddenly all wiped out.

Typing was fun, and I'm glad I took it as a subject at school - not because I can still type properly and quickly and do touch typing without breaking into a sweat, because I can't anymore, and I tend to look at my fingers a lot these days (don't tell my old typing teacher!) - hm, and I don't even use all my fingers shhhh - but because it was relatively easy and brought up my aggregate. My aggregate would have been considerably lower had I not done typing. It was only really English and typing that I enjoyed at school (and running and long jump.)

Now it's normal for computers to be in schools, and for kids to have computer lessons, and I guess what with what technology being what it is today, it should be (normal.)

I'm 41 now, and wish I'd had computer lessons at school. Although, on the other hand, it's been great fun learning how to use a computer over the last 4 years. I probably wouldn't have been as interested if learning computers at school.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The boys now have their own blogs too

Spent quite some time this afternoon setting up blogger blogs for the boys, with their help. They chose their own blog names (titles), and two widgets each for their blogs.

Zooty's blog is Screeching Falcon and Basti's blog is Lava Reflections.

They enjoyed looking for widgets to add to their blogs and they have made their first blog post.

Zooty plans to upload photos of his artwork, or digital art, tshirt designs, and describe the pictures. He will also sometimes just give news or write a little story or idea down.

Basti plans to upload photos, perhaps some photos of art, and his digital art or other designs, and describe the pictures. He too will also have news and stories etc.

They do not yet have their own Internet on their computer (I do not yet allow it, and we can't afford it right now), and I will copy and paste or upload for them, from what they do on their computer. Sometimes, if I'm not too busy, I'll let them sit at my computer and upload their stuff themselves.

Zooty has already made himself a little "business card" design, and will hand some cards out to friends at school, who will hopefully pop in at his blog and leave a comment or two.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Friday, June 4, 2010

I have not hugged a tree in a very long time

Not quite sure what made me think of trees, and climbing trees - perhaps it was my ex's mother popping in to see my mother and I today - have not seen her since the last time she popped in, before Christmas I think (so about 6, 7, or 8 months back, or was it earlier this year (and not so long ago?) - anyway, it's been a while.)

She was mentioning how the boys like to play tricks on her - they see her from time to time as they go to their father ten or eleven nights a month - who lives about only 1km away from his mother (their other granny.)- Granny says she'll walk out her kitchen and feel something lightly falling on her head, and upon looking up will spot the boys in a big tree above her head, throwing down little twigs.

I'm glad the boys like climbing trees (although don't all kids?) as I loved climbing trees as a kid too. I was such a tomboy!

I remember a tree - a huge wild fig tree with a low branch that branched (duh!) off to the side across the lawn in front of the capark where my mother and I would go fetch my dad from his work as a male nurse in the Margaret Fuller Ward at the Frere Hospital. I would climb up the tree, not very high, but then edge along that long low branch in front of where my mom was parked, and wave at her.

I also remember a tree at Cove Rock, between the parking area and the beach, that I used to think was cool - I can't remember why now, or if I climbed that tree, but what I do remember is that I gave it a hug just before we left to go home after a day at the beach, and told it not to miss me too much because I hoped to be back soon again. I must have been about 8.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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What do we do while the boys are at their art lesson?

When the boys' private art lessons teacher popped out of the art class to the parking area, to quickly get something from her car, we were seated in our/my dad's car, pretty much just sitting there. The car window was down and we greeted. The art teacher remarked that we were funny - referring to that we just sat there in the car waiting an hour and a half, for the boys to finsh their art lesson. We just laughed it off, and didn't go into detail as she was in a hurry to get back to class - and we also didn't want to keep her from teaching the boys!

What we do while waiting for the boys on Friday afternoons is:

Save petrol instead of driving around all over the place in the area;

Save petrol by not coming home to do some work on the computers quickly, which, to us, makes sense, as that would be about R25 petrol spent, and just 20 minutes max on the computers.

We do sometimes go to the shop very close by, or to the garage (also very close by) to put some petrol in the tank, or get some air for the tires.

We read free local newspapers we picked up at the shop, and do the crossword.

We take notes in a notebook for when we do get back to our work at the computers.

We relax, and sometimes almost fall asleep - and why not? - we very often work until after midnight, even when we have to be up at 5.40am the next morning, to get the boys sorted for school.

Although we don't like being away from work for as long as we wait for the boys at their art class (plus we get there about 45 minutes early after picking the boys up from school) I think we're also glad we don't yet have a laptop, as we need some time off from work (we work many hours on weekends too.)

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

And now a "plants for sale" sign on our wall too

Maybe it will help? Maybe somebody will stop? And we really shouldn't have taken so long to put the plants and sign out again (even though there's way less plants than before). Afterall, it was what we first did for a bit of income, and to get our web design, photography, and writing business going, slowly and surely.

It's also one of the main ideas we try to promote to others who are wanting to work from home, or want to earn a bit of much needed extra income. See You're so desperate for money that you're reading this on somebody else's computer where we detail how one can start making the first efforts at working from home, or earning some extra income, starting with just one packet of plant or herb or flower seeds.

One good thing about not having sold plants for so many months, is that they've grown a bit, and we can charge a bit more.

We have just 5 plants out in front at the moment. Two Gwenya trees (Wild Plum) at R50 each, and 3 ice-cream bush trees/bushes at R30 each. They're in old buckets, buckets that are falling apart, but are at least keeping the soil together, giving the little trees (well one is almost as tall as me)place for their roots to grow, until they get transplanted into somebody's garden.

A bad thing about not having sold plants for so many months is that many of the smaller ones have died, as we stopped looking after them properly, due to our web design photography and writing work taking off - well, not taking off to the extent that we can go on vacation or buy our own car, or move away from my folks to rent elsewhere that is more expensive, but enough to no longer need any help from my parents (we haven't needed my parents help in over a year, and also paid them back for the previous 18 months that they helped us out with.)

But the month of May went dilly (even though February was our best month ever??) and now we're stuck battling to pay our few small accounts, and even small daily living expenses.

So, the plants are out again. And if things carry on like this, we'll have to plant some seeds soon, and sell seedlings. Until things pick up again. We remain positive that things will pick up again, because we know we deliver an excellent service, at unbelievably low prices.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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A web design photo editing and writing sign on our front wall now

Although we loaded a client's new website yesterday, we're still pretty short of cash, and work just seems so quiet, so we decided to hang a sign over the front wall now, and see what happens.

The road we live on is not too busy, but not that quiet either, as there's a school near one end, and some shops near the other end.

If people don't actually stop to enquire about the services we offer, we did include our web address and cell number on the sign too, in case they want to jot down the details and call us or visit our website later.

Marketing one's business (in our case web design, photography, and writing related services) can be quite tough. We deliver an excellent service, but what's the benefit of this if nobody knows about us?

The site we uploaded to the Internet yesterday cost the client just R1 120. On one of our other blogs we detail what the client got for his money.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sheesh our worst business month in twelve months

I guess it is to be expected, that we have a bad month or two here and there, when our little business is just over two years old, and only really started showing growth just over a year ago, but sheesh, this worst month (May 2010) has happened just three months after our very best month (Feb 2010).

We’re hanging in there, but it’s a tad difficult, and we’re impatient for lots of new clients.

It will come, I guess, the work, and we’re doing what we can for now.

Still not sure how this happened though, when February was a month that made us really pleased.

Okay, February was even still beneath what we are striving to achieve, but our income for February was more than what we require to cover our very basic monthly expenses.

Why didn’t we save some money, then, you may ask.

Well, February was an expensive month – it was Zooty’s 11th birthday, it was Tony’s 50 th birthday, and Tony’s 21 year old daughter came to visit in March too, for two nights, and we showed her around and ate out. Birthday celebrations happen only once a year, and Tony’s daughter had not seen Tony in over two years, plus I had not yet met her, so we do not regret spending one cent, but now we’re a little stuck, which we didn’t expect.

Can’t even post this to my blog tonight (31 May 2010) as our monthly adsl ran out just after 5 pm – which is awful as we rarely go to sleep before midnight, but at least it (this blog post) will be ready for me to just copy and paste in the morning, then, hey? (When our new monthly adsl allowance starts.)

Oh well, perhaps a new month (June) will bring some new hope.

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