Thursday, June 3, 2010

And now a "plants for sale" sign on our wall too

Maybe it will help? Maybe somebody will stop? And we really shouldn't have taken so long to put the plants and sign out again (even though there's way less plants than before). Afterall, it was what we first did for a bit of income, and to get our web design, photography, and writing business going, slowly and surely.

It's also one of the main ideas we try to promote to others who are wanting to work from home, or want to earn a bit of much needed extra income. See You're so desperate for money that you're reading this on somebody else's computer where we detail how one can start making the first efforts at working from home, or earning some extra income, starting with just one packet of plant or herb or flower seeds.

One good thing about not having sold plants for so many months, is that they've grown a bit, and we can charge a bit more.

We have just 5 plants out in front at the moment. Two Gwenya trees (Wild Plum) at R50 each, and 3 ice-cream bush trees/bushes at R30 each. They're in old buckets, buckets that are falling apart, but are at least keeping the soil together, giving the little trees (well one is almost as tall as me)place for their roots to grow, until they get transplanted into somebody's garden.

A bad thing about not having sold plants for so many months is that many of the smaller ones have died, as we stopped looking after them properly, due to our web design photography and writing work taking off - well, not taking off to the extent that we can go on vacation or buy our own car, or move away from my folks to rent elsewhere that is more expensive, but enough to no longer need any help from my parents (we haven't needed my parents help in over a year, and also paid them back for the previous 18 months that they helped us out with.)

But the month of May went dilly (even though February was our best month ever??) and now we're stuck battling to pay our few small accounts, and even small daily living expenses.

So, the plants are out again. And if things carry on like this, we'll have to plant some seeds soon, and sell seedlings. Until things pick up again. We remain positive that things will pick up again, because we know we deliver an excellent service, at unbelievably low prices.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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