Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I used to type at school, not compute, savvy?

There were no computer lessons when I was at school, only typing lessons. How things have changed. Imagine how people would miss computers today if they were suddenly all wiped out.

Typing was fun, and I'm glad I took it as a subject at school - not because I can still type properly and quickly and do touch typing without breaking into a sweat, because I can't anymore, and I tend to look at my fingers a lot these days (don't tell my old typing teacher!) - hm, and I don't even use all my fingers shhhh - but because it was relatively easy and brought up my aggregate. My aggregate would have been considerably lower had I not done typing. It was only really English and typing that I enjoyed at school (and running and long jump.)

Now it's normal for computers to be in schools, and for kids to have computer lessons, and I guess what with what technology being what it is today, it should be (normal.)

I'm 41 now, and wish I'd had computer lessons at school. Although, on the other hand, it's been great fun learning how to use a computer over the last 4 years. I probably wouldn't have been as interested if learning computers at school.

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