Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sheesh our worst business month in twelve months

I guess it is to be expected, that we have a bad month or two here and there, when our little business is just over two years old, and only really started showing growth just over a year ago, but sheesh, this worst month (May 2010) has happened just three months after our very best month (Feb 2010).

We’re hanging in there, but it’s a tad difficult, and we’re impatient for lots of new clients.

It will come, I guess, the work, and we’re doing what we can for now.

Still not sure how this happened though, when February was a month that made us really pleased.

Okay, February was even still beneath what we are striving to achieve, but our income for February was more than what we require to cover our very basic monthly expenses.

Why didn’t we save some money, then, you may ask.

Well, February was an expensive month – it was Zooty’s 11th birthday, it was Tony’s 50 th birthday, and Tony’s 21 year old daughter came to visit in March too, for two nights, and we showed her around and ate out. Birthday celebrations happen only once a year, and Tony’s daughter had not seen Tony in over two years, plus I had not yet met her, so we do not regret spending one cent, but now we’re a little stuck, which we didn’t expect.

Can’t even post this to my blog tonight (31 May 2010) as our monthly adsl ran out just after 5 pm – which is awful as we rarely go to sleep before midnight, but at least it (this blog post) will be ready for me to just copy and paste in the morning, then, hey? (When our new monthly adsl allowance starts.)

Oh well, perhaps a new month (June) will bring some new hope.

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