Thursday, June 24, 2010

Even I jumped down the sand dune at Igoda yesterday

Well, I guess it's not such a big thing, after all, I'm still only 41, but I guess I've just been in our little home office a lot, and have not been getting out much, and so I felt like it was almost "a big thing" I also jumped down the sand dune during our little outing to Igoda, near East London late yesterday afternoon.  Tony is 50 though, and also jumped.  I really need to get fit again!  The boys were jumping down the sand dunes, and running down the sand dunes, like little monkeys, and the boys and I also tried out a homemade sandboard, but it didn't work. I tried a bit of everything, and got tired quite easily, but it was fun!

Here's two photos of me, trying (Basti, my 12 year old son, is in both photos too):

Follow the other three links further above to see more photos of Igoda, and of both Basti and Zooty.  Also follow this link which has a photo of Tony, Basti and Zooty at Igoda.
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