Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eish, the boys are missing lots of karate

The boys go to karate lessons in East London twice a week, but we missed taking them three times in a row recently, due to their exams (which hopefully helped as Zooty got 67,3% aggregate, and Basti got 86,5% aggregate.) Basti is trying to keep his high marks up and he did so, and even better by improving on last term's aggregate of 85,1%, and Zooty was trying to improve on his last term's aggregate of 72%. This didn't happen, but it may have been worse if we'd taken time out from learning to fit in three karate lessons.

We try not to miss too many karate classes so that the boys can learn and practice all they can before their next grading session coming up in late July, I think. They will be trying to grade to their brown 2 belt.

The boys did do a karate lesson last week, and were meant to go again earlier this week, but we went to my brother instead, for supper and to celebrate his birthday, thinking we would try not miss any karate lessons for at least the next 4 weeks (8 karate sessions in a row), but now Basti seems a little ill, and we're not going to go tonight either. I'm dosing him up on Viral Guard and vitamin C, keeping him home, and hopefully we'll get to the next karate lesson.

They enjoy their karate lessons, are doing well with it, and have even enjoyed a karate training session on Nahoon Beach.

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