Thursday, June 10, 2010

I lost one of Zooty's drawings today and this was a big problem

Zooty likes to draw. Zooty likes anime, sketching, and computer games. I've organized that the the boys have their own blogs now, even though I don't yet allow them Internet on their computer, and I will upload most of their blog posts for them.

Zooty was taking photos of some of his drawings and there was one particular one he'd given me that we couldn't find. Oops, not good. Zooty kept repeating "Mom lost my best drawing, Mom lost my best drawing!"

Tony eventually came to the rescue and located the missing drawing in a box in the garage from the last time we were tidying up the office a bit. So all's well, and Zooty will soon be adding some photos of his drawings to his very own blog, called Screeching Falcon.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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