Thursday, June 3, 2010

A web design photo editing and writing sign on our front wall now

Although we loaded a client's new website yesterday, we're still pretty short of cash, and work just seems so quiet, so we decided to hang a sign over the front wall now, and see what happens.

The road we live on is not too busy, but not that quiet either, as there's a school near one end, and some shops near the other end.

If people don't actually stop to enquire about the services we offer, we did include our web address and cell number on the sign too, in case they want to jot down the details and call us or visit our website later.

Marketing one's business (in our case web design, photography, and writing related services) can be quite tough. We deliver an excellent service, but what's the benefit of this if nobody knows about us?

The site we uploaded to the Internet yesterday cost the client just R1 120. On one of our other blogs we detail what the client got for his money.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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