Friday, June 18, 2010

We don't watch tv

There are three tvs in the house we live in at my folks, but we don't watch tv. We might catch a glimpse of what's on the tv in the lounge on our way out or coming back from the shops, going to see a client, or taking or fetching the boys to or from school, but, generally, we don't watch tv. My folks have a tv in their room too, and even the boys have one in their room, on loan from my brother.

The boys often watch tv in my folks' bedroom with them in the evenings, but it's not appropriate when it's almost bedtime, or if they're ill, like now. Their tv has only tv 1, tv 2, and tv 3 channels, and e-tv, though, so, from time to time, I'll check on the Internet what's showing on those channels (especially when they're ill and I'd rather have them tucked up in bed than sitting at the pc playing computer games in our bedroom, even if it's not yet evening), although of course they prefer dstv on Grandpa's tvs.

Tony and I don't really miss tv - we can keep up to date with news on the Internet, brief entertainment on YouTube, and if we feel like a real "sit down" we'll rent a dvd and watch in in the office on one of the computers here. Our little home office is really tiny, but if we take two steps back from our chairs at the pcs (next to each other on the same table), we can flop back into lazy boys there, and enjoy a movie. There's basically no space for anything else in the office, but it's fine, we don't need a lot of space to work on the pcs.

We're quite happy that we don't watch tv; we don't want to get sucked into soapies or a series, that takes time away from our work, or writing blog posts.

The boys are sounding a little rowdy on their pc, and I better see if there's something on their tv channels soon, or else I should maybe go and get them a dvd. I don't want them coughing all night and need to keep them calm.

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