Thursday, June 10, 2010

The beautiful rain in East London has washed a lot clean including our signs

Sounds like I'm moaning I guess, and I can't really as the rain is so badly needed in East London, and in the entire Eastern Cape region right now, actually, and it did a great job of washing the car which hasn't had a wash in ages, while out and about yesterday afternoon taking my mom to see my dad's sister who isn't well.

However, our signs we had out on the front wall are just blackboards really, with the writing in chalk, so we'll have to redo them - not that's it's helping much yet, we're still broke as anything this month, so far. It was still raining this morning, and although it cleared up a bit, the sky is looking dark again. I do hope it rains some more, even though it means we can't yet put our signs out. We need this rain so badly, not only to help lift the current water restrictions in the East London area right now, but to fill our dams to the brim, so that the water will last a long time before the next lot of rain.

The rain is also good for the garden, and hopefully it will help perk up some plants we have here in containers, so that we will be able to sell some more. We're trying to sell a few plants again, while waiting for a few more web design clients to hire us for our web design services.

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