Friday, June 4, 2010

I have not hugged a tree in a very long time

Not quite sure what made me think of trees, and climbing trees - perhaps it was my ex's mother popping in to see my mother and I today - have not seen her since the last time she popped in, before Christmas I think (so about 6, 7, or 8 months back, or was it earlier this year (and not so long ago?) - anyway, it's been a while.)

She was mentioning how the boys like to play tricks on her - they see her from time to time as they go to their father ten or eleven nights a month - who lives about only 1km away from his mother (their other granny.)- Granny says she'll walk out her kitchen and feel something lightly falling on her head, and upon looking up will spot the boys in a big tree above her head, throwing down little twigs.

I'm glad the boys like climbing trees (although don't all kids?) as I loved climbing trees as a kid too. I was such a tomboy!

I remember a tree - a huge wild fig tree with a low branch that branched (duh!) off to the side across the lawn in front of the capark where my mother and I would go fetch my dad from his work as a male nurse in the Margaret Fuller Ward at the Frere Hospital. I would climb up the tree, not very high, but then edge along that long low branch in front of where my mom was parked, and wave at her.

I also remember a tree at Cove Rock, between the parking area and the beach, that I used to think was cool - I can't remember why now, or if I climbed that tree, but what I do remember is that I gave it a hug just before we left to go home after a day at the beach, and told it not to miss me too much because I hoped to be back soon again. I must have been about 8.

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  1. I don't hug trees anymore. I tried once, but got splinters in my cheek...


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