Saturday, August 7, 2010

She Told Me what? She Told Me! I've joined She Told Me!

SheToldMe is a site you can join and where you can bookmark articles you have elsewhere on the Internet. So what's so great about that? We have twitter, digg, facebook, reddit, stumbleupon and numerous other sites where we can bookmark articles.

Well, does twitter, digg, facebook, reddit, and stumbleupon have ads on their site next to your posts that you can earn some extra income from? Not?

SheToldMe does.

Join with Teresa Schultz as your referrer!

Actually, so does Xomba and, in a way, so does RedGage (earn from pageviews of your blog posts, bookmarks (links) and videos or pictures uploaded) but I'm discussing SheToldMe now.

As per Google Adsense policies and TOS, just three Google Adsense block ads are allowed per page of content. She Told Me has three per page. Your bookmark gets a whole page to itself, and can be as short as 200 characters long (that's about 20 to 30 words.) The one Adsense ad is for She Told Me, the one closest to your title and content is yours, all yours, and then there's one beneath your content area that can belong to whoever referred you to She Told Me.

It's easy to publish content to She Told Me. If you don't yet have a Google Adsense account, get yourself one, and then sign up for She Told Me!

Go through the site and spend some time reading through all there is to know. It's pretty easy to understand the site, but just do it (read a lot) first, so that you don't make any mistakes that slow you up or get you your account banned.

You may be getting good traffic from wherever else you are bookmarking your online articles, but what's wrong with adding a few more sites to your list. You want links on many sites coming to your articles don't you? And, She Told Me is not only another place for trying to get more traffic to your articles, but is also a place that gives you the opportunity to earn some extra income from your bookmarking efforts.

Do make sure to be at least a bit active within the community - comment on and rate up other members' content. The rating button is just to the left of the title of each piece of content uploaded. You would like others to do the same for you, wouldn't you?

Now, if you can get other people to join SheToldMe too, using your referral link, the Adsense ad that appears beneath the content they upload is yours! (It contains your Adsense publisher ID.)

What are you waiting for? Don't say I didn't tell you - say "She Told Me!"

Join with Teresa Schultz as your referrer!

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  1. You can earn money on your book marks on this site as well...

  2. Hi, I came over from Hubpages to see your blog! I am trying out She Told Me. I must say, I didn't think much of Xomba to be honest. She Told Me has more promise though I think. The owner took about 5 days before he approved me though! (I think it's a one man organization?)

    I have a blogspot too! I've been trying to blog every Monday!

  3. Hi Paul - thanks for popping in at my blog. xomba is also not doing much for me right now, but I can't really say it won't ever since I am not spending a lot of time there at all - same with SheToldMe and many of the other online places I belong to - I choose to spend more time on my own sites, since, so far, they seem to being me the most earnings. Yes, SheToldMe is a one man organization - he also owns Best-Reviewer. Keep up your blogging and good luck with creating a new niche site or two (you mentioned this on HubPages.)


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