Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surfers Marathon 2011 East London Planning and Tips

My eldest son, 13, will be doing his first Surfers Marathon on Saturday 12 February 2011, starting at 2.30 pm at Kwelera Mouth, East Coast Resorts, East London.

I'm not yet sure if I'll also be running the 2011 Surfers Marathon, but even if I do, my son is currently much fitter than I am and would be well ahead of me in the race.

Being the over-protective mother that everyone labels me as (and it's true and I'm quite happy being an over-protective mother) I'm already driving my son mad with a list of do's and don'ts.

Perhaps my LIST OF TIPS FOR THE SURFERS MARATHON, actually meant for my son, can help others too:

39 Surfers Marathon Tips:
  1. Pasta supper on Thursday night;
  2. Protein supper on Friday night;
  3. Plenty of liquids both Thursday and Friday, and of course on Saturday morning;
  4. No late nights on Thursday or Friday night;
  5. Cereal and juice for breakfast on Saturday morning;
  6. 2 to 4 slices of brown bread sandwich late morning with sliced banana on, and a sprinkling of sugar on the sliced banana;
  7. Cola drinks on Saturday morning and/or Energade or Powerade, topped up or washed down inbetween with water;
  8. On the way to park at Nahoon and catch one of the first busses, stop at a shop and get and drink a can of fizzy cola, buy three 500ml drinks (per person): cola, Energade or Powerade, and water;
  9. Apply sunblock;
  10. Get on the bus with the three drinks and listen to everyone's stories about their previous Surfers Marathon runs;
  11. While on the bus and while waiting at the starting area of the race, take small sips of the three drinks, leaving the last bit of water for last;
  12. Be sure to have one last visit to the loo before the queue gets too long where you may panic about missing the start of the race;
  13. Check socks are comfortable and not bunched at all, and check the double knots of running shoe laces;
  14. Apply more sunblock;
  15. Stand quite close to the front of the crowd at the Surfers Marathon starting line;
  16. While waiting at the starting area earlier, and also while in the crowd at the start, get in a few calf stretches and thigh stretches;
  17. Start the 17km 2011 Surfers Marathon Coastal Challenge ;
  18. While trying to settle into a comfortable position and steady pace, try not to get anxious if people slower than you are blocking your steady way forward - using up too much energy now can be detrimental later;
  19. Use your arms well to help you through soft sand, and if running on rocks watch your footing carefully and be careful not to slip;
  20. Listen to the organizers and helpers at the Gonubie River crossing - do exactly as they say;
  21. Do not try swim across the Gonubie River no matter how fit you're feeling, no matter who or how many others are swimming across the Gonubie River, and no matter how many people you think you may pass in the process;
  22. See which side of the rope the runners are on as they are crossing the Gonubie River and approach the river on that same side of the rope;
  23. Hold onto the rope as soon as you can, even before your feet are wet, if possible;
  24. Do not panic and remember there are people to assist if you experience a problem - call out and raise your arm and hand if you need help - there are a lot of people and you need to be easily heard and seen if you find yourself in trouble;
  25. Do not shove or push or try to pass people on the rope in the water, as well as earlier in the queue leading into the Gonubie River;
  26. If somebody next to you is in trouble and is not calling out or raising their hand and arm, you can call out and raise your hand and arm to alert the helpers to the problem;
  27. Keep your shoes on;
  28. Have at least two sachets or cups of liquid at each waterpoint, at least one must be water - drink the first, some of the second, and use the remainder of the second (the water) to splash water on the back of your neck, head, or wherever you're feeling particularly hot or sore;
  29. Although spectators cars are generally kept off the tar along Ocean Way, still be on the look out for any cars - do not assume that you're 100% safe from traffic just because you're running in the Surfers Marathon;
  30. Be polite to spectators no matter what they say or how bad you're feeling;
  31. Smile, at least from time to time;
  32. No matter how shallow or slow moving the water in the Nahoon River looks, stick to the rope all the way through;
  33. As you finish the Surfers Marathon, be sure to continue walking to get a cooldrink and your well-deserved Surfers Marathon tshirt, and also so that those legs do not come to a dead stop;
  34. If you feel dizzy or nauseous, drink up, sit and relax, even lie on your back with your knees up;
  35. If feeling particularly dizzy or nauseous, call for help;
  36. Don't lose your Surfers Marathon tshirt while you wait for your parents (or whoever is driving the car home) to finish the race;
  37. Stay out of the Nahoon River and ocean while you wait for your driver;
  38. Congratulate those finishing the race;
  39. Pat yourself on the back.
© copyright Teresa Schultz 2011

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