Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Afrigator is only showing my boyfriend's recent blog posts, not mine.

I'm quite upset - it's probably just something I'm overlooking, but I'm still upset.  Maybe one needs three posts on a new blog first or something?

I registered one of my other blogs with Afrigator (an SA blog aggregator) a few days ago, and it's wonderful to log in and see my stats for the past seven days, and to see how my blog is ranking in South Africa and Africa.  So, I decided to register two more of my blogs, another one, and this one I am on right now (and you are reading), earlier today.  Tony registered his personal blog today too, the first time he registered a blog on Afrigator.

Earlier this evening Tony posted a new article (his third on his new blog), and voila, there it immediately appeared in the list of recent posts on Afrigator ( a title, a link, and a brief summary).  I posted a new article (my second one on this blog, as this one here is my third) a few minutes after Tony posted his (also on a free blog like this one), and ... nothing.

This reminds me that yesterday or the day before I was looking for my Wordpress blog's recent posting on Afrigator and couldn't find it.  I assumed just because I'm still new there, but Tony is even newer.  Tony and I have since discovered (on Afrigator) that paid-for Wordpress blogs have to have a PuSHPress plugin to enable the posts to be tracked in realtime, instead of only roughly two hours later.  But I coudn't find my Wordpress post for a good few hours after I posted it.

But the free blogs and the free blogs' posts are supposed to be tracked straight away.  Not mine.  Yet.

Hopefully third time lucky, with this post being my third!

If no luck, I guess will keep looking through the Afrigator site for answers, or will have to email them and ask for clarity.  Don't get it though, as Tony registered just the same as I did, and all is fine with his postings being tracked right away.

UPDATE Thursday 29 April 2010:
I eventually emailed Afrigator support, (late last night after 11pm) and had a reply before 8 this morning!  Thank you Stii Pretorius of Afrigator!  He's looking into the problem and is in communication with me via email, and is very helpful and polite.  I'm glad it's going to be sorted, and also glad to have found out that I can actually just ping my latest posts myself if I'm in a super hurry to get them onto the latest posts lists on the homepage.  Cool!

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