Thursday, April 29, 2010

What is this dog breed and does anyone have a dog that looks like this?

Tony and I, and my boys, live at my parents' house. For now. Their dog Rocky died about 2 years ago, and now they're looking for a new dog that looks very similar to Rocky.

My parents asked me to email pictures of Rocky to Save a Pet, in Port Elizabeth, I think - and they will get back to us if they have a dog that is the same breed, and looks similar to how Rocky looked.  Rocky was about the size of a jack russell or maltese poodle.

Port Elizabeth is a little far fom East London (South Africa), and I was just wondering if anybody closer to East London, or even in East London, knew where we could possibly find this kind of dog for my parents.

I gave Rocky to my parents myself, seems like many years ago now. Rocky must have been about 15 when he died.

An ex boyfriend and I were driving along the N2 near the East London SPCA when we noticed this little dog toddling along on the side of the road. It didn't really look like a stray, and appeared to be quite young - probably under 6 months old. We pulled over, opened the door, and a pup we later named Rocky hopped in. Just like that.

We had to be elsewhere, so instead of driving to the SPCA about 1km away, we took Rocky with us, and phoned the SPCA. Early that morning they had found a dog basket and dog toys at their front door - but no dog in sight.

The SPCA did some enquiries, allowing us to keep Rocky in the meantime, ( a day or two), and then announced, that, if we wanted to, we could keep him.

Although we were already growing so fond of the cute little pup, we were staying in a flat, and it was not suitable for an energetic young dog.

So my folks became the pleased and proud owners of a dog that gave them many years of joy!

The photos were taken about a year before Rocky died. I was living back at my parents by then.

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