Monday, May 10, 2010

Are we too nice?

Would we get further in this world, more quickly, if we weren't so nice? Tony and I are proud that we've managed to make a living for ourselves, working from home, having started working from home in about February 2008, but it's not easy, and we are not yet making a fortune - not nearly.

We see how much other people are charging for web design services, and other creative design or writing services too, and, although we have recently put our prices up a bit, we just don't think we will ever charge as much as very many people do. We know we are not getting too far too quickly like this, but, hey, we're nice people and don't want to charge people a fortune. Now if we're so nice, does that give us a reason to be upset if it's not appreciated? Not really, hey, because then that wouldn't be nice.

We do get upset sometimes, though, depressed, miserable, and wonder if we shouldn't be so nice - doing things for clients that were not part of the original requirements and not charging them for the extra bit of work put in; not moaning to clients after we've been sitting at a coffee shop waiting to meet them and have bought coffee for ourselves with sometimes just about the last of our money, then the client does not rock up; or, spending two hours (away from work/home and our computers where we earn our income) with a client who sounds so interested in what we do and can do for them, and then they either phone the next day to say they're going to consider a website at a later stage rather, or, we never hear from them again - and we just say "It's fine, don't worry, no problem." And we move on. The thing is, it's not really fine. It sucks. But we're nice people, and we rant and rave on our blogs about it, or to each other, which isn't really nice, but, hey, how does one get it out there that we're doing the best that we can, not just for ourselves, but for our clients too.

The sites we design are cheap in cost, not "cheap." We design sites that many other designers can design too, except we charge less, and you usually get more too. If people want to hire more expensive designers (because that must mean they're good, right?) we should really just put our prices up a lot more. But we can't. We're nice.

And you know what? - now that our rant is out of the way and we feel better, and even though this rant may not be viewed as "nice," we are going to stay nice. The few people that do remember us for it, are worth it.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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