Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What time is the right time?

The school bell is the right time, even if it's not. The digital clock in the car is set to the same time as the school bell. (I say "the" car and not "my" car, because it's my dad's, even though it has cost me nearly R15 000 - Hey, we're trying here, and will make it one day, we swear! - a car or two of our own, a lovely home of our own, with the boys no longer sharing a room, a successful business, a great future for the boys, and fulfill a desire to help other South Africans also earn an income working from home, or running their own small business - these are things we want, and will get, through determination and hard work, and with the help of God.)

Yesterday evening while waiting outside doctors' rooms for my mom's sister who has an ear infection of sorts, we got to looking at litter in the streets, and thinking about time. How long was my aunt going to be? Was the doctor running late?

A bit of chatting, taking photographs of litter, and more thinking about time. Noticed the time on my cellphone was different from the time on the digital clock in the car. 7 minutes behind the time on the car clock! No good. All time must be the same as the school bell's time!

Some frustrated fiddling later, we gave up. We couldn't find the time settings on my phone. This is sad, when we can design websites, and handle a lot on Photoshop, but can't set the time on my cellphone! So, now what? Set the wake up alarm (on my phone that sleeps next to my side of the bed along with the panic button hanging there - this is South Africa) - or carry on as normal with the mad rush to school in the mornings?

Well, I guess I have a bit more time to think about it, as we didn't have to get up too early this morning (for the school rush) as the boys spent last night at their dad.

Perhaps I could somehow sort out with the school that the school bell be changed to the time on my cellphone?

Update: (15 May): We found it! Lol, yeah, just a day later, we relaxed, had another look on the cellphone, and found where to change the time. Was right there all along, in initial set up, I think, lol, it was a few days ago, and I guess I should note exactly where we found it in case we need to set the time again. So, no talking to the school about changing the time of the school bell's morning ring. Cool.

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