Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How about blog comments as a birthday gift service?

I'm forever dreaming up different ways to make money, not just for myself, but for my visitors to my different sites too - and since my birthday is coming up in two days' time, it got me thinking about gifts, and blogging - although blogging is something I think about a great deal more than birthdays.

When thinking of what to buy others for their birthdays, I usually think of what I myself would like if I was that person, and that's what I buy, or create, or make, or organize. I usually have to know the person quite well to get it right.

Now, for myself, I was thinking, what gift would I like? And would others also like what I like? Oh, I love hats and scarves, and chocolate, if I'm thinking of items as gifts, but I also like blogging, and working from home as a freelancer. I also like trying to give others ideas as to what they can do to make money from home.

My blogs are all still relatively new - and, so many people out there like the idea of blogging, but also have new-ish sites, - and hardly any comments - it's really exciting for newbies to get those first few comments, and even for the not so new bloggers to get plenty of comments. Decent comments - thoughts and input, not just "nice blog, I subscribed."

Knowing how much it can please people to get decent comments on their blogs, I should think about offering a birthday gift service to friends and family of active or new and excited bloggers - I would get paid to leave comments on a person's blog - look through the posts, read through them, understand them, and then leave a suitable and related nice comment - often geared towards seo for that person too, so that they would be really pleased with the comment.

Others that are great at leaving welcome and interesting blog comments should think of offering a birthday gift blogging service too. Or, if you're generally just a great listener, enjoy reading, and are friendly, think of it as a work from home opportunity to look into a bit more.

I know that, I, for one, would love to receive a birthday gift of some nice comments on my blog posts on my actual birthday, and know that it was a gift from somebody who understood what I liked, and wasn't able to do the commenting himself or herself. So, I should think about what I enjoy possibly being something that others could enjoy too, and I should offer the service. I (or you, if you are thinking of doing this too) could sell different packages eg 5 comments, 10 comments, 20 comments! Then there could also be sub category packages to choose from related to how many words I should write eg minimum 50 words, minimum 100 words, minimum 200 words etc!

Tony and I do already offer a blog commenting service, but hadn't yet thought of marketing it as a birthday gift service. (so here's the first step towards that idea!)

If you're a keen blogger, and it's your birthday today, I hope you have a super birthday, and that your blog or blogs get loads of comments today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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