Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's see those teeth

Zooty was about 8 and a half here, showing off his teeth - well, some of them, as the other new teeth were still coming.  So he was actually showing off some gaps between his teeth too.  Aww, I miss those little shiny white milk teeth. He's now 11 and the teeth are pretty much sorted, for now.  Wish mine were too, though.

About two weeks back, I was eating a soft gummy sweet, but seemed not so soft afterall, as the next thing I knew, I was crunching something hard.  What was stuck in the sweet?  I removed the sweet from my mouth and had a look.  Oh dear!  Quite odd, really, but there it was, a little part of my left front tooth sitting there in the sweet, looking smug ("I'm out! I'm out!)

My tongue wriggled around in my mouth, along and behind my teeth, feeling for damage, and my fingers were in my mouth too.  Hm, a hole right in the centre of the BACK of my tooth.  Odd, but there you go.  Or there I go off to to the dentist to have that hole filled?  Well, not quite yet.  No medical aid, so it will have to wait a little while longer, until there's enough cash to pay the dentist.  I lost this bit of tooth so easily though (old age coming quickly now?) and am worried more of it is going to break off, or crumble, before I get to the dentist.  Well, I'm just being careful how I eat for now (look a bit silly I guess, when I bite into something I would usually use my front teeth for, but that's life hey!) (you win some and you lose some - teeth).

In this photo of Zooty, he had not yet had a first visit to the dentist.  Neither had his brother Basti who is a year older.  About a year later, though, Tony and I took them for their first visit to a dentist.  Luckily they're still on their father's medical aid, and the visit went smoothly.  A second check up is planned sometime soon - well, before year end, anyway.  Hopefully I go to the dentist before the end of the year too!

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