Saturday, May 8, 2010

My blog's Active Rate on myScoop dead?

My Active Rate (on myScoop) shows as dead for this blog - which sounds absolutely awful! I do "get it" though - I think. Although I added 4 posts to this blog yesterday, I just joined (added my blog to myScoop) a few minutes ago, so I guess it will sort itself out soon - like maybe now? (now that I'm adding this post lol!)

About two weeks ago I added my blogs to Afrigator, and it's great but the competition is pretty fierce, hey! So, am trying another South African blog aggregator too - myScoop. I also have one of my blogs on the blog aggregator Amatomu, and should add my other current three there too. Time, time, time - goes nowhere, lol. I need a big fat round tuit (get-around-to-it) in front of my face all the time!

These South African blog aggregators - myScoop, Afrigator, and Amatomu - are fun - it's great to see how one's blog measures up against other SA blogs, and it encourages blog owners (bloggers!) to post post post to their blogs. Nice one, SA!

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  1. Hi Teresa!

    Thank you for adding your blog to myScoop :)

    All blog's "active rate" are measured as "dead" when they first join, but at midnight of the day that they join, the active rate gets calculated, and then again every night thereafter.

    Let me know if you need any help or answers to any more questions!

    Thanks again

  2. Wow, that was quick! Super, Nick, thanks! I'll do the "normal contact thing" next time I'm confused, thanks!

  3. My pleasure. I have also got the system to calculate your active rate and I'm sure you'll be glad to know your blog is classified as "Hot" ;)

  4. Cool! Ta. I think I'm going to really enjoy being a member at myScoop.


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