Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I think I enjoy rushing when driving the kids to school in the mornings?

I mean, I must, or else, to avoid the mad rush, I would get up earlier, right? Hm, I should think about this more. The rush (no speeding though) freaks me out at times, but there's another kind of rush that comes with it all.

When navigating through the traffic, and then along the highway, then the roads closer to the school, I'm so alert. Super alert. And it feels good. It feels good to feel so alive and awake.

And then there's the hopping back into the car after helping the boys get their bags out the boot of the car and hugging them goodbye with last-minute "love you's" ringing in the air. Tony and I plop down in the car seats, and people probably two cars away in the parking lot can probably hear our sighs - and with those sighs, comes utter relaxation, a sort of sitting and contemplating, for a minute or two sometimes, of "Wow, what a rush to get here, it was stressful but somehow exciting, and hey, the boys made it to school before the school bell today!"

Then it's slowly put seatbelts on again, lift hands to the steering wheel, and we "start" our day. Although very alert while driving to school, it's often not until this point, that we feel we have really woken up.

I think part of not being able to easily get up earlier in the mornings must be due to the fact that we often go to bed as late as 1 am (due to work, or marketing our work, on the computers) - then we get up at 5.40 am to get the kids out of bed for their shower and to get ready for school. We come through to our little home office, have coffee, and try wake up. We usually check emails, check Google Adsense earnings accumulated through the night (if any), and, now lately, often also try and check what's happening on two blog aggregators we've recently joined - Afrigator, and MyScoop

Then it's off to dress, prepare the boys' school lunches, decide if Gilly our jack russell is coming with for a walk around the school fields (if weather is fine, we feel we need some exercise, and we're not meeting a client on the way home), and then off to school.

Could get up earlier. Could skip the checking of emails etc. But then we'd probably miss that mad rush to school, which, dare I say it, seems to wake us up more than a cup of coffee. And it feels good.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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