Friday, May 21, 2010

It's my dad's 78th birthday today

My dad is 78 today HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Even though he's had a badly broken leg and a few operations (that freak him out and had him in a wheelchair for months) and even though he has pagets disease, he's still spritely, still drives a car, goes to auctions and generally gets around.

He used to enjoy fishing a lot (I loved going with as a kid and playing on the beach, swimming, or trying to catch my own little fish in the rockpools, and delighted in following the mazes my brother drew in the sand for me). My brother is 11 years older than I am, and will be visiting with his family tonight. Tony and I and my boys stay at my folks. Tony is preparing his tasty spaghetti bolognaise for all of us tonight - and there will be milktart too. Yum.

Because my dad used to enjoy fishing and enjoys pictures of the ocean, I had a photo I took enlarged and framed for his birthday gift. I'm pleased he is so pleased with the gift. It is the one at the top of every page of this blog - should I change the image at the top of this blog later, I better include it here too:

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr B hope you all have a fantastic evening.
    With love & best wishes Colleen

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes for my dad, Colleen. I passed them on, thanks. There's 3 photos to see in the next blog post, taken last night, at his 78th birthday.


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