Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why are Tony and I proud South Africans?

Yes, our beautiful country, South Africa, is in a bit of trouble, things could be better, and the crime rate is frightening, but we're still proud South Africans!

I haven't even needed to travel, yet, to explore other countries, and that should sound odd when I enjoy photography so much, but, wow, there's so many beautiful sunsets, sunrises, coastlines, countryside settings right here in South Africa, why would I want to explore further? Ok, just for fun maybe, maybe one day, but I'm happy here. Born and bred South African - and East Londoner, actually, too. Love my little hometown. Love South Africa.

I am sad, though, that people in South Africa do get affected by crime, and that they feel compelled to leave. I would probably want to leave then too, if my family is badly affected by crime, or stands further risk of harm. But would I be happy about leaving SA? No!

Biltong and dry wors, ouma rusks, sunny skies, hardly any earthquakes of great measure, stunning coastlines, braais and boerewors, South African slang, melktert, and, gee, well, how to sum it all up? Friendliness!

Proudly South African, Terry and Tony, of East London, South Africa!

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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