Friday, May 7, 2010

It was my 41st birthday yesterday and Tony took pictures of me

We didn't do much for my 40th birthday, and did even less yesterday on my 41st birthday. Of course a big fat party appeals to me, but we'll keep that for another time, when we can afford to splash out, and not feel it too much.

On our way out to breakfast at the Wimpy (which, due to being so late, was more like lunch) Tony took some pictures of me, and I posed for him. Took some pictures in the same spot against the garage door last year on my 40th too. It's probably going to become a tradition, posing for Tony on my birthday each year. Kind of nice, I guess, to see how I age from one year to the next, with the photos being taken exactly a year apart - and while we're still staying at my folks' house, in the same spot too. Could also get a bit disturbing though, to see how much, or how quickly I'm ageing. Kinda sucks, when although I do sometimes feel my age, I also feel like I'm still just 17!

Here are some photos Tony took of me yesterday:

And regards that big fat birthday party I'd like one day, perhaps in one year's time on my 42nd birthday would be a good idea - we went to a party early last year to celebrate Mouse's 42nd birthday and to take photos for him and his wife, and the party was nicknamed "a second 21st" (and double that is 42) - and I like the sound of that - but maybe Tony and I will wait for my 50th and call it a second 25th or something, and at the same time perhaps celebrate great success with our business, (by then, surely?), display some photos and digital art perhaps, invite a few of our clients too, etc etc - lol, I guess this is the point where I usually say, nice to dream..., but Tony and I are determined little buggers, regards our work, and many other things too, and we look forward to having that nice big fat party one day.

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