Saturday, May 22, 2010

My boyfriend Tony cooks up a storm!

Tony is awesome. He's not just a great boyfriend, he's a great cook too, and spoils my folks (where we live), my boys, and me, with super yummy meals. Below is a photo of one of two salads he prepared for my dad's 78th birthday last night, and below that a photo of the spaghetti bolognaise (used tagliatelle and linguine pasta, not spaghetti actually). Can kick myself for not taking a photo of the pasta when it was in the two huge rectangle pasta serving dishes. It looked awesome! But we were all in too much of a hurry to tuck in, and I forgot to take a photo. So, the photo below is of a small portion of Tony's spaghetti bolognaise that my boys, Basti and Zooty, had as leftovers for lunch today.

See a photo of Tony's yummy liver steak and onions on his blog, and learn how to make it.

On Tony's blog, also learn how to make his pig and pea soup and his quick, simple and tasty boerewors rolls. 

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