Friday, May 28, 2010

The scenic route

We meant to turn right, not left, really. The traffic in the late afternoons near the Gonubie turn off, and into Gonubie is ridiculous, since another route into Gonubie from Beacon Bay has not yet been completed and nobody seemed to do anything with the brilliant idea of an East Londoner some time back about allowing a truck with a big sign in front travelling the wrong way down one of the two outbound lanes from Gonubie, with a row of traffic behind it (temporarily allowing two lanes into Gonubie) in the evenings.

We wanted to avoid this traffic mess, when returning from the East Coast Resorts area earlier this evening, but turning right when coming out of Schaefli Road, then turning left onto the N2, to be able to go over the bridge at the N2/Gonubie intersection instead of under it in that traffic mess, on our way to Cambridge.

But we forgot, and turned left instead, (past the brickfields and Farmarama). We were a little way along when I remembered the traffic we would encounter just otherside Farmarama, and I got all tense.

But then Basti piped up "It doesn't matter - this is the scenic route." And it was. And I relaxed.

We were much more "in the country" that if we'd gone along the highway, and there was a brilliant rainbow lit up against stormy dark clouds off to our left, over the brickfields. An enjoyable and scenic trip that made me think "Every cloud's got a silver lining." - words you can hear in David Essex's Hold Me Close song.

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