Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh my word I'm so blonde! - or still such a newbie blogger!

myScoop - the South African blog aggregator - is just blowing me away, AGAIN! Posted an article on one of my blogs about a Round Tuit less than an hour ago, then was on Google.co.za to show Tony what other Round Tuits look like, (typed in only two words: Round Tuit) and over 30 000 search results came up, and hey, there on page one (in the first ten results) was a link to myScoop with my blog title! Clicked it, brought me to myScoop and the title and first few words of my article, with another link there saying "Go to this article" and clicking that took me to my blog post! I didn't know myScoop did this.

myScoop is powerful. I almost wish it was my own little secret, but I'm a nice person, so I'm sharing this. All SA bloggers should join myScoop, and gain more exposure for their blogs and blog articles. Easy peasy.

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