Sunday, May 16, 2010

We did it! 21 blog posts today!

Well, not quite today, as it's after midnight now, but still before going to bed, so, yes, we did it! Was a little tough for just the two of us, plus we popped out for nearly two hours to visit a friend earlier, so we're still pleased we managed to finish all the blog posts before going to sleep tonight (this morning?)

These are the 21 blog posts we managed today (and this one is actually 22 then!)

On this blog just see the four previous posts before this one:

blog posts target for the two of us today: 21

Living at Granny

Let's see those teeth

On Tony Flanigan blog:

Wordpress on Blogger?

VIVA WC 2010!

Wordpress. Step by step for beginners, part 6

On East London Photographs and Wild Ramblings:

The sun rises and slips behind clouds

Shell and rocks looks like a chameleon's head and eye

Yacht mooring ropes and metal bollard

Spot the bus car train and boat

Looking at yachts on the Buffalo River in East London

On Work at Home Jobs:

Extra income from fruit and vegetable deliveries and sales

Determining your selling price of homemade pickled onions

Make and sell custom chess sets for extra income

TnT Unleashed 1pic4twenty:

Other ways to beat writer’s block and write for SEO

Website design and take-aways

Monetizing your website or blog

Clay Brick:

Living a natural life

Straw bale houses

A little clay duck

Ok! There you go! There we go! No more blog posts tonight, it's 2.15 in the morning. Now it's time to let our heads hit pillows between bed posts!

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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