Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oops us proud South Africans put the red at the bottom of the SA flag

Last night, giving advice to Zooty (grade 6) for his school poster project on a 2010 World Cup soccer team's country (we/he chose South Africa - Bafana Bafana), he made a South African flag for part of his poster project, with green, gold, black, white, blue and red coloured cardboard. Oops, only at the end did we notice he put the blue (with glue already dried) at the top (where the red goes) and the red at the bottom.

This means another trip to a stationery shop to get more cardboard and sort it out. Hm. Basti (grade 7) also has a school poster project to do, although his will be on A3 card, not on A2 like Zooty's - about healthy meals for ill people (a menu for a day, including snacks) and why the foods are good etc - proteins, carbohydrates, energy, fats etc - and his cardboard background is yellow - well, was meant to be yellow, but Zooty used it for his gold colouring on his South African flag for his 2010 World Cup soccer country project - instead of the darker yellow we got for this purpose. So a new yellow cardboard background for Basti's project has to be bought too.

Thank goodness we didn't leave this homework until Sunday afternoon, as we normally do (nice to give the kids a complete break from school stuff and homework on a Friday afternoon), but some homework, and needing to learn for some tests prior to their exams is starting to pile up, so we thought let's get them started on their projects before that piles up too. Having let them do some work on their projects last night (Friday) instead of only Sunday afternoon (they go to their father Saturday nights and get back just before lunch on Sunday - and I don't usually send homework with them to their father on Saturdays) means at least we didn't make this bumble then only, and have to dash out and find some place open that sells cardboard - in the right colours too. So, sorted.

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