Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh how I would love to win a jeep!

There's just something about a Jeep. I've liked cars over the years, including the fancy Lotus, Magnum's red Ferrari (or was that Higgins' ferrari?), but have never had a fancy car, and had never made up my mind as to which vehicle I like best, until recently.

It's Jeep, all the way. There's a car sales place in East London that has all five different Jeeps displayed, with some of the wheels on rough boulders. Gee, but a Jeep looks good!

The problem arises though, when deciding on what colour I'd like my dream Jeep to be, and which one. I need to win a Jeep, then it wouldn't be such a problem! Although, funds as they are now, I know I would have to sell a Jeep, if I won one as a prize in a competition. That sucks.

Of course, if I could win millions in another competition, I wouldn't have to worry about entering a contest to win a Jeep, because then I could just buy all five types, and would then only have to worry about what colour they'd be!

But if I could buy just one, which one would I choose? Ai, decisions!

Hm, the Jeep Wrangler is really cute, and the least expensive too. Not too big, and perhaps more suited to a female driver than a male driver, but there's four others just jumping out at me too (over rough terrain - isn't that a cool image?) messing up my mind! Which to choose? Which to choose?

The Wrangler Unlimited Jeep is bigger than the Jeep Wrangler, but perhaps not as cute. I find it's shape almost a little odd, yet there's still something about it...

That Patriot looks good - a nice family car - and in stone white, looks rather impressive.

Then there's the Cherokee Jeep - just the regular (but not so "just regular" of course) Cherokee, and then the mother (or father) of them all, the Grand Cherokee.

Gee, but they're nice. Just all so nice.

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  1. no questions. It's the wrangler, in that orange colour. Check it out on the Jeep web.


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