Saturday, May 15, 2010

blog posts target for the two of us today: 21

Hope we can manage it. We've written down the amount of posts each of our blogs should get today, and although we'd like to aim at even more than 21, 21 is our immediate aim. I think we might be able to do it. We're hoping this effort we are going to put in today will give us and our services a little more exposure (see previous post we have money to last about 4 days)

It's drizzling out, and is a perfect day for writing plenty.

Where are we planning on posting our 21 blog posts (which of our current 6 blogs?)
Well, it would be nice to put all 21 on just one blog, as that would make a nice difference in its ranking on myScoop, which we are big fans of, but, to keep our other blogs either stable there, or keep them rising in the ranks, we can't neglect them for too long. Trying to do well on myScoop definitely encourages one to write more! See this post about why we would like to try do well on myScoop.

The blogs we're going to try add 21 posts to today, and how many for each:

Tony Flanigan personal blog - at least 3 blog posts - written by Tony

Teresa Schultz personal blog (this blog) - at least 4 blog posts - written by me (with this post it's one down, three to go)

East London Photographs and Wild Ramblings - at least 5 - photos uploaded and written by me

TnT Unleashed 1pic4twenty - at least 3 - written by either of us - this blog has the best overall ranking, of our 6 on myScoop, at the moment.

Work at Home Jobs - at least 3 - written by either of us

Clay Brick - at least 3 blog posts, perhaps embed a Youtube video or two - written by either of us

Well, I best move on, then!

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