Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ever tried to unlock somebody else's car by mistake?

It was a good few years ago that my mother and I came out of Vincent Park Shopping Centre (in East London) after doing some grocery shopping there together, and we found the car, unlocked the boot, and started to pack the first packet or two into the boot, when we suddenly realised "Gee, the car looks really clean and tidy inside - howcome?"

Feeling confused, we looked around, and noticed that my mom's real car was parked just a few cars away - also a navy blue mazda 323!

There were some people about that looked at us funny when we burst out laughing, and if one of those people was the owner of the car that wasn't my mom's - now years later is too late I guess, but we apologise for almost getting in your car instead of ours (maybe the keys would have fit the door and ignition too?) and suggest, that if you still have the car, you change the locks - oh and wow, congrats on a nice clean car! :)

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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