Friday, May 7, 2010

We boil our drinking water here in South Africa

Not that we drink much water on it's own, actually, and we still find ourselves just opening the tap to fill a glass with water when we want to swallow a tablet, or mix it with cooldrink mix for the boys' school lunches, but we boil water quite regularly because we drink a lot of coffee. Thinking of coffee and tablets, and water, sometimes we will even let our coffee cool a bit, and use that to swallow a tablet - swallowing tablets usually calls for quite a large gulp, especially when there's large capsules involved, or pills that taste absolutely disgusting and dissolve in the mouth too quickly.

Apparently the drinking water in South Africa, from dams, is still relatively okay and healthy, so we drink it from time to time without doing anything extra to it - and it hasn't killed the dogs in the household yet either, so we assume it's pretty much okay. Doesn't taste too wonderful though. We really ought to start drinking more water - it's so beneficial for so many different aspects of life - not to mention survival, and I guess, if we do (start drinking more water), we'll probably buy bottled water from supermarkets, and we'll know it's been purified already, or, who knows, down the line we might get our own home water purifier - or, what's wrong with just boiling it (water from the taps in one's home) - isn't that enough to kill any germs? Baby's bottles are often cleaned and sterilized in just boiling water, so maybe it's enough to do that - but, hey, it's always so much easier, and yummier, to switch the kettle on, add coffee, milk and sugar to a cup, with boiling water, and sit back and relax with a good cup of coffee - so much better than swallowing tablets with cold drinking water from taps!

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