Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creating simple colourful abstracts with just your camera

Simple and colourful abstract pictures are really easy to create, using only your camera.  No photoshop or anything else.  These abstract photos can be used for:

printing and turning into framed art for the walls of your home or office;
greeting cards;
make a few simple and inexpensive colour copies from just one proper print and you have gift wrapping paper;
learn how to fold your colour copies to make gift bags from them;
use as book covers for your childrens' school books;

The photo above was created by simply using the fireworks setting on a small 5 meg digital camera (mine) in a local Spur restaurant (looking at some lights in the restaurant - even one light will work fine).  Abstract photos like this can also be created with an SLR camera using film, by using the "B" manual setting.  Either the "B" setting on an SLR camera, or the fireworks scene setting on a digital camera keeps the shutter open for longer (usually need a tripod to steady your camera for a clear image), but don't use a tripod, and just swirl your camera around!  I just held the camera and twirled it around, in fairly large circles, also moving my arm from left to right.

Different abstract effects can be created by making different movements with the camera:

I think this picture above looks like a little group of cartoon characters crawling home from a pub!

The one below was created by simply moving the camera sideways back and forth, instead of up and down or around and around.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2010

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