Saturday, May 15, 2010

Living at Granny

Two happy boys in this May 2010 photo, hanging upside down in their Granny and Grandpa's bedroom - that's my boys, Zooty on the left, aged 11, and Basti on the right, aged 12.  They love living at Granny.  Tony and I are living with my mom and dad for now (the boys' Granny and Grandpa that they live with too).  We also work from home here, offering various freelance services.

Basti and Zooty are very happy here.  Their artwork gets displayed in Granny and Grandpa's bedroom - see some on the left of the photo above, in our tiny little home office, and in the lounge too;

They enjoy lying on Granny and Grandpa's bed some evenings (if they finish their homework with some time to spare before bedtime), to watch tv wth them;

Summer (and even many spring and autumn days here in South Africa) they enjoy the swimming pool my folks have;

They have their own computer in the room right next to our little office - which is our bedroom, and there, they do homework that requires the computer, and they also enjoy playing computer games on it - we don yet allow them Internet, though - can't it afford it right now (for them too), anyway;

Granny also has them read their little Bibles she gave them, every morning before school;

The household also has three dogs at the moment, that the boys enjoy.  There's Gilly, our baby jack russell (well, she's a little over a year now, but she'll always be our little baby, just like the boys will always be my babies even when they're 60 and I'm blessed enough to still be alive and healthy then), and there's Shayna - a little supposed to be white old maltese poodle going blind and deaf, and there's Swift, a black big kinda maltese poodle thing, still fairly young, not sure exactly, she's an SPCA aquired dog of my folks - Swift and our Gilly are best friends.  There was also Sheba, who passed away a year or so again (had put down, very old and blind), and there was Rocky, who died on the property - old age.  My parents are actually thinking about sort of replacing Rocky (read about Rocky here)

Looking at the photo of my boys above again, of them hanging upside down like bats in their grandparents' bedroom, you will see a small black and white photo off to the right of the picture (actually looks grey).  That's a black and white computer print out of the picture below.  After Rocky died, I mixed a picture of Rocky with a picture of some flowers, in Photoshop, and gave it to my father.

The pole the boys are hanging on in the top photo is very helpful.  Read about why it is in the room, and also how it helped relieve some nasty back pain I had not so long ago.

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